Steam Guides launch, solve Dwarven bolt shortage


This week Valve officially launched player-created Steam Guidesaccessible via Game Hubs on the Steam platform.

“Steam Guides lets players create and share guides, walkthroughs, and tips for their favorite games or software to help others who might be stuck or who simply want to learn more about the game,” explains Valve. “Players may easily create guides through Steam, where they may upload images, add screenshots, and embed YouTube videos. Guides are then quickly accessible through Steam, via the Steam Community and in-game via the Steam Overlay.”

Over 1,200 guides are already available.

Currently, Skyrim fans can learn “How to Make an NPC Follower” and “How to Get Extra Dwarven Bolts.” Popular guides for Civ V players include “Maximizing Income” and “Happiness in Civilization V.” Endless Space players can learn about “Using Warp for an End Run,” while several guides teach Team Fortress 2 players how to be a pyromaniac.

There’s even a guide for creating Guides — so what are you waiting for? Get guiding!

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