Steam offers exclusive pre-orders for Dungeon Defenders


Dungeon Defenders is launching very soon (October 18th for the PS3 and October 19th for the PC and Xbox360) and if you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy, might we suggest pre-ordering through steam? Not only is Steam offering a 10% discount on the title, but they are also throwing in some very nice exclusive in-game items.

One of the exclusives includes a gun that many valve users would be familiar with – the gun from the Portal series. Additionally, those who pre-order through Steam will have access to four regulars from Team Fortress 2 – The Heavy, The Engineer, The Medic and They Pyro. The Heavy can use his gun to shoot at enemies from long distance. The Engineer can repair your towers whilst you’re on the offensive. The Medic is your healer and the Pyro is your damage dealer – setting enemies on fire.

To get a taste of the exclusives in action, Trendy Entertainment has released the following trailer:

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