SWTOR will probably have over 1 million paid subscribers soon

starwarsoldrepublicIn news that surprises no one, Star Wars: The Old Republic is incredibly popular.  Despite the fact that subscription based MMOs have been on the decline as far as paid subscribers, it looks like it won’t be long until SWTOR hits the 1 million mark. 

 I’m not in the least bit surprised by this.  Bioware has taken the MMO and made it more accessible to single players and also those pesky people who like story and romance and some kind of emotional investment.  Sure, the game didn’t break the mold when it comes to MMOs but it definitely has a little extra something that people are responding to.  I suppose that something could be the wicket outfits you can put your Sith Inquisitor in, but somehow I doubt that.  In any case I need to go play now.  Like right now.  And I need to make all my alts before all the good names are taken.

Source: VG24/7

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