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I’m a sucker for co-op gameplay, so hearing that The Darkness II will feature up to four-player co-op is music to my darkling-loving ears. 2K Games and Digital Extremes have relased a new trailer showcasing the co-op element of the game – called Vendettas – where players have the choice of stepping into the shoes of 4 unique characters whose skills are augmented by the powers of The Darkness. Take a look at the trailer below.

And from the official press release:

2K Games announced today that The Darkness™ II, releasing on February 10, 2012, will feature “Vendettas,” a fast-paced, violent and narrative co-op experience that takes place parallel to the single-player story. Playable for up to four friends, Vendettas lets consumers choose one of four characters – all with their own unique Darkness weapon – and begin their dangerous and bloody journey. Designed as a team-focused, mission based experience, Vendettas explores the crucial role each character plays in Jackie Estacado’s campaign to defeat the Brotherhood.

Interwoven into key points of Jackie’s single-player narrative, Vendettas expands the universe of The Darkness II by branching off into unique, parallel missions, while connecting thematically to the core single-player story arc. Four players can collectively immerse themselves in the lore of The Darkness II, and explore a variety of environments not found in the main story. Adding to the destruction and mayhem, Vendettas will also feature a new Hit List mode, which allows players to repeat their favorite campaign moments or wreak havoc in brand new scenarios.

The press release goes on to detail the four characters on offer in the co-op mode: Inugami, who wields the Kusanagi samurai sword and can also use swarms of miniature demons to attack enemies; Shoshanna who weilds the Arm of the Night which allows her to fire multiple rounds of gunfire at a time; Jimmy Wilson, whose weapon of choice is the Dark Axe and who has the ability to summon Darklings he refers to as ‘Little Jimmy’s; and J.P DuMond, who wields the Midnight Stick and can pull foes into vortexes by use of his Box of Tricks.

The Co-op is a great addition to this game, and I have to say I’ll likely be playing Shoshanna, simply because she has a kick-ass name. Though I might be tempted to play J.P DuMond, because his ability to ‘wield the midnight stick’ makes me giggle.

Source: AusGamers

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