The Last of Us: Bill’s Safehouse Trailer


The Last of Us is one game that I am very closely watching. It’s from Naughty Dog, those talented folk responsible for the critically acclaimed Uncharted series, and its premise can quite accurately be described as ‘freaking cool.’ So when Naughty Dog took to the stage at SDCC and revealed an all new cutscene from the game – I nearly squeed with glee.

The new cutscene introduces Bill – a rather grizzled, tough guy who apparently owes a few favours to Joel which Joel intends to claim. The cutscene illustrates the fantastic storytelling that Naughty Dog has become known for, and also does a nice job of introducing all three characters – Bill, Joel and Ellie.

There is one downside, however – after watching the trailer, you’ll just want to know more, to see more. And with no confirmed release date in sight, it might be a while before we see more from this title.

Still, the trailer is most definitely worth a watch, so check it out below.

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