The Secret World to Launch in June

secretworldFuncom has announced that The Secret World MMO has a release date of June 19th 2012, pushed back from its original launch date in April.

According to Senior Producer Ragnar Tornquist’s personal twitter account, The Secret World finally has a release date.  June 19th is when all the fun from Funcom is happening so the developers can continue to polish the game and make it a more awesomely awesome experience. 

I personally have been excited about this since attending the Funcom panel at NYCC last year, where I not only learned that this game appears to be amazing, but also that the name Ragnar Tornquist is quite possibly my favorite name ever. 

There’s been a lot of positve fan feedback about the game and it looks as though the developers are putting it all to good use.  Looking forward to June!

Source: Funcom

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