This Week in Bummer News: Bioshock Edition


Ready to get bummed out?  No?  Too bad, this is bummber news.  Bioshock Infinite has been delayed.  You still with me?  I figured I’d do it like a band-aid, you know?  Super quick RRRRRIP!  While it was shaping up to be one of the biggest titles of 2012, we’ll now have to wait until the end of February, 2013 to get our hands on the game.  Read on for the reasons behind the delay, and even more bad news.  Or as I call it, a bonus bummer.

In a written statement that went up on the Irrational Games website, Creative Director Ken Levine stated that, originally, he felt very comfortable with the game’s October 2012 launch date.  However, the development team has come to realize that the implementation of “specific tweaks and improvements” could vastly improve the game’s quality.  Therefore, they’ve pushed back the launch date to February 26, 2013.  Levine points out that the original Bioshock had a similar delay in development, and that game turned out pretty darned well.  He makes the claim that his team are “doing things that no one has ever done in a first person shooter,” and the extra time is necessary to make the game as amazing as possible.

Now it’s time for the bonus bummer.  Bioshock Infinite will not be shown at E3 or GamesCom this year.  Levine believes that the team’s efforts will be better spent on developing the game, instead of preparing for elaborate conventions.  The next time we see Bioshock Infinite, it will be, in Levine’s words, “essentially the product we intend to put in the box.” 

Sooooo…. that’s a bummer.

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