This Week in Bummer News: Fuse Edition


Hey, so remember Fuse?  That cool new squad based shooter from Insomniac Games that was coming out in March?  Well, yeah, about that… it’s not coming out in March anymore.  Bummer, I know.  Read on for the details.

Earlier today, during one of those endlessly entertaining earning calls, EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore announced that Fuse had been pushed back to the first quarter of the company’s 2014 fiscal year.  But thanks to the intricacies of corporate bookkeeping, the first quarter of fiscal 2014 will actually begin this coming April.  So we can expect Fuse sometime between April and June 2013.

IGN quotes Peter Moore as saying that the extra development time will result in a “big payout” for the game.  Of course, he has to say that, doesn’t he?  I can’t recall a delay being blamed on a need to make a game worse.

As it’s first multi-platform release, Insomniac has a lot riding on Fuse.  So I suppose it’s not all that surprising that they’d take a few extra months to make sure it was as good as they could make it.  To learn more about Fuse, check out our interview with the game’s Creative Director Brian Allgeier.

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