This Week in Skyrim Patch News: PC Only Edition


Yes, yes, it is that time again.  Time to grab your glowsticks and karoake machine because it’s time for a patch party!   But this time, only PC users have been invited.  All you console users will have to wait for the eventual blurry cellphone pics, shaky webcam videos, and poorly spelled twitter updates about the party being off the hook.  Do people still say “off the hook?”  Anyway, read on for the details.

Officially labeled as version 1.4.27, the latest patch to Skyrim was recently announced on Bethesda’s blog.  Being a PC-only patch, the list of fixes is a little shorter than previous patches. Nonetheless, there are some significant corrections, mostly related to control issues (or lack thereof). The full list of fixes in version 1.4.27 is as follows…


  • Fixed issue with downloading mods when you are subscribed to more than 50 mods
  • Fixed crash when loading a subscribed mod that has been removed from Workshop by the author
  • Mod load order functionality


  • Fixed occasional crashes when loading a save that relies on plugins/master files that no longer exist
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive while charging an enchanted weapon
  • Fixed issue where controls would occasionally become unresponsive while switching from third to first person while using the Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive if activating a crafting station with autorun active
  • Fixed issue where keyboard would fail if Rename Item was selected before choosing the number of charges, while using Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed several issues with remapping buttons while using an Xbox 360 controller
  • Fixed issue where pressing Escape button after fast traveling but before the loading would cause certain menus to stop working properly
  • Followers now sneak properly when player is sneaking

It’s about damn time the follows snuck properly.  If I had a nickel for every time a follower of mine got me spotted while I was sneaking… I’d have maybe ten cents.  I can’t sneak to save my life.  It’s pathetic and/or hilarious depending on whether I’m trying to surprise a dear or a giant.  I’m getting off topic here.  The version 1.4.27 patch is available on Steam right now, so what are you waiting for?  Go get your patch on!

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