Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 shines in new PS Vita trailer


The PS Vita might already be out in Japan, but we have another 2 month wait to get our sweaty little hands on it, and seeing trailers for games we’re looking forward to isn’t making that wait any easier. The latest PS Vita game to have a very eye-poppingly gorgeous trailer released is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Showing off the game’s impressive features – such as wifi and online multiplayer for on the go battles, the large 50 character roster and the use of the Vita’s touchscreen to make battles more interactive than they have been previously, the trailer certainly provides a lot of reasons to grab the game if you’re a fan of fighters.

Check the trailer out below, and let us know your thoughts.


The game footage itself looks great – but could we do away with framing it inside the Vita? Maybe it’s a personal preference, but I like to have the whole of the screen taken up with gameplay footage, not a piddling one third.

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