Update 1.1 for SW:TOR released on test server


Good news for all you Star Wars: The Old Republic players – Bioware has released Game Update 1.1 on the public test server. New changes featured in the update include Kaon Under Siege – a new Flashpoint, and four new bosses to Operation: Karagga’s Palace. Changes to Ilum’s Open World PvP have also been included.

Bioware have also prioritized certain bug fixes, explaining that they have “corrected the issue that prevented some Jedi Knights from progressing in Kira Carsen’s affection conversations, made some previously inaccessible Datacrons reachable, and have made many fixes to various issues in Flashpoints and Operations.”

You can find the full list of what the patch fixes at the Official Website. Bioware has been nice and divided the new fixes into categories, including: Classes and Combat, Companion Characters, Flashpoints and Operations, Items, Missions and NPC’s, PvP, UI, and Miscellaneous.

No word was given on when these fixes will be rolled out server wide, but we’ll keep you updated on any news as it breaks.

Now – just how many of you are playing, and on what server? I’m looking to get into this game, but I’d like to know which servers are good and which ones should be avoided. If you have tips, let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Official Site (via CVG)

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