US Gamestop hosting special pre-launch PS4 parties on Nov 10

gamestoplogo1They may not be calling them ‘parties’ per se, but when you combine a video games console, refreshments, triple bonus credit and freebies, what else could you possibly call them?

American PS4 pre-orderers will be pleased to hear that all GameStops across your vast and star-spangly country will be hosting a special PS4 themed one day event on November 10. Customers making the trek to their local GameStop will find triple bonus credit being offered on hardware traded in towards any pre-ordered PS4. Now, I’m no GameStop expert, but I hear this offer translates to around 90% extra in store credit.

If that offer isn’t enough to tickle the consumerist in you, perhaps the offer of ‘refreshments’ and ‘giveaway items’ will be – there’s been no word on what the refreshments will be, but i’m sure Doritos and Mountain Dew fit the bill. Or was that somewhere else….

For those who do pop into their local store they may find their GameStop has been one of the few select locations blessed with a working PS4 demo unit available for customers to play.

Whilst the launch of the console is not far away, GameStop has stated that for launch night (November 14 for you lucky US gamers) all ‘eligible’ GameStop stores will stay open for the night leading up to the launch. If you have a preorder for a PS4 at GameStop, we recommend you ring your store to check whether they are open for the midnight launch.

In the lead up to launch, Sony have announced they will be livestreaming the New York launch of the console. Interested readers can watch events unfold via the Playstation Blog, Ustream and SpikeTV.

Perhaps get your doritos and mountain dew ready for then, yeah?

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