Video Game Awards Re-cap


If you missed the Spike Video Game Awards last night, then the truthful answer is that you didn’t really miss much.  The VGAs are far less an awards show and much more like a giant commercial interspersed with some really bad host segments (though host Zachary Levi was a delightful bright spot).  That doesn’t mean there wasn’t some interesting things to take away from the show.  There were some awesome new trailers for games that we will all no doubt be slathering for and a lot of really great games got the accolades they had coming to them. Read more after the jump, including some of our favorite trailers of the night. 

Not surprisingly The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim took home Game of the Year.  I personally thought it had some stiff competition with Batman: Arkham City, which is the only game I’ve ever reviewed that I’ve given a 10 out of 10 score.  Bethesda, most assuredly though deserved the win as like most gamers my life is still being all consumed by the brilliance of Skyrim.  Skyrim also took home the Best RPG category and Bethesda won Studio of the Year.  Not a bad all around for those guys.

Arkham City was in no way snubbed though, winning the Best XBox 360 Game category as well as Best Adapted Game and Best Action Adventure Game.  I was really excited to see that Mark Hamill and his portrayal of The Joker won Character of the Year.  It was no contest in my opinion on that front.

Bastion was another game that got some love sweeping the music category by winning both Best Song in a Game and Best Original Score.  It also won Best Downloadable Game.  

Accepting the honor of being the first inductee into the Video Game Hall of Fame (this exists now I guess) for The Legend of Zelda was Shigeru Miyamoto and I have to admit, I may have gotten a little choked up at the idea of such a fantastic game franchise getting that honor.  My childhood approves.

Mass Effect 3 was voted Most Anticipated Game.  It’s most definitely mine anyway.

The rest of the list of winners can be found here on Spike’s site, and here are a few of the notable trailers in case you haven’t seen them already.  More can be found here.  Some amazing looking stuff coming out soon folks.  What are you most looking forward to?

Mass Effect 3 – Trailer

 Diablo III – Opening Cinematic

 Rainbow 6 – Patriots Trailer

 The Last of Us – Trailer

 Alan Wake – Debut Trailer

 Transformers Fall of Cybertron Trailer

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