Xbox launches Nike + Kinect Training in Australia on Nov 1


Fitness-focused Aussie gamers – Xbox is spoiling you – with the announcement that Nike + Kinect Training will be working its way to your living room on November 1st.

Thanks to Nike + Kinect Training, Xbox 360 owners will be able to access the training methods, fitness assessment techniques and real-time feedback provided by Nike to their elite athletes. And the best news for those dollar-watching gamers? Nike + Kinect Training is a tiny sliver of the cost of personal training sessions at any gym. And you also don’t have to worry about sitting in someone else’s sweat spot who used the machine before you and really that’s never nice is it? Horror stories….

But back to business – key features built into Nike + Kinect Training include:

  • Best in class tracking – highly precise tracking and real time feedback combine to provide gamers with a personalised and individualised training experience. Body movements can be tracked, physical stress and athleticism can be assessed and personalised workout plans can be created so that each individual will experience a unique work out.
  • Social communities – utilising Xbox Live, Nike + Kinect training lets you work out with a friend, compete in challenges together or if you’re more of a motivator than a mover, send words of encouragement and support to your fitness-focused friends.
  • Four week fitness assessment – your strength, endurance and overall fitness will be re-assessed to illustrate your progress over time. Every four weeks, Nike + Kinect Training will advance you to the next level of drills, allowing your program to stay dynamic and fresh across the entirety of its length.

Nike + Kinect Training will be available November 1st.

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