Getting the band back together


Dust off your canes, your sleep darts, and your vans ladies and gentlemen, The Cooper gang is back in town. When we last saw our friends, they’d just unlocked the Cooper Vault by defeating the evil Dr. M and going down the lineage of the Cooper family, using their storied and useful thieving techniques with Sly to witness his family’s history and understand the infamy that comes with the Cooper name. Well, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, takes that to an entirely new level.

During Sly’s “amnesia recovery” period he and Inspector Carmelita Fox (voiced by Grey Delisle) have been living happily together in Paris, finally past their rapport of cop and criminal. Sly, however, cannot keep from scratching his itch and while Carmelita is away on a case he decides to hit a museum with Bently and Murray. They uncover a plot bent on eliminating the cooper family and it’s legacy once and for all.

The game takes you through several different time periods all while delivering the outstanding aspects from the previous trilogy. worthy foes with incredibly complex plans, gadgets and skills meant to get our thieves out of any and all jams they could come across, and the quick paced storytelling that keeps you guessing.

With the 8 year gap between releases, this game benefits from the technology advances of the PS3 that weren’t available on the PS2 during the original run.  The game has several quicktime sequences. Bently’s hacking comes in three different forms; the original where you drive a miniature vehicle through a computer system fighting off security and firewalls. The new mini games are  a run and gun while fighting creatures that look to be pulled from an old fashioned sci fi movie, and a motion tracking mini game where you navigate by shifting the position of your controller to keep Bently’s avatar on course while racing the clock.

The Cooper Legacy is brought right before your eyes as Sly gets to meet some of the famous faces of his family line. Sly teams up with the inventor of the spire jump Ryoichi Cooper in feudal Japan, the inventor of the Cooper rail slide Tennessee “Kid” Cooper in the old west, and even the first ever Cooper “Bob” Cooper in the Dinosaur era.

The game doesn’t have any breaks from that “Sly Cooper feel”. Playing as Sly still feels as though nothing is out of your grasp. With Bently you still feel like you control the situation with gadgets and tech. Murray gives you the feeling of an unstoppable Juggernaut. The big change is playing AS Sly’s ancestors. They have some but not all of Sly’s skills but also have their own unique powers and places only they can go and jobs like the rest of the cooper gang. Another wonderful addition is that sly gets a costume from each time period you visit with unique powers that can be used to find goodies and unlockables in all the areas to keep you playing even after you complete the story.

If you’re a fan of the original trilogy like me, or you’re jumping in right now, this game is perfect for you. Sly Cooper: Thieves in time get’s a 9/10

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