McPixel Review


I want to start my McPixel review with one phrase: Buy this game. McPixel is best described as a Wario Ware version of an adventure game. Each scenario has one objective, prevent catastrophe (usually a bomb) using only the objects on the screen. Even though each scenario has numerous endings, only one will be the one you’re looking for. Half of the fun in McPixel is discovering everything in the stage…no seriously, after you find the right answer, you’re tasked with finding the remaining gags and unlocking themed stages. 

The game is fast paced and simple, which should not be surprising since it was originally designed in a 48 hour game development competition. McPixel’s charm comes in its sense of humor, which is just the right mix of slapstick, sexual and nonsensical.   This is a game where manually stimulating a giraffe is a bomb disposal option, it may not be the right answer, but it is definitely an option. The challenge of simply preventing the stage from blowing up isn’t too tough, since you’re provided only a few options.


Even with 100+ scenarios, this game is short. If you enjoy the type of humor presented, you’ll be left wanting more. The game lengthens the experience by holding back some content until after you find all the gags in a particular level. Its wealth of gags and things you can interact with can be frustrating at times though, forcing you to play the same scenario over and over until you figure out the right combination or the right things to interact with so you can move forward. As it turns out, the levels you get as a reward are some of the best in the game and worth the frustration.


McPixel is a game that shows that if you have one gimmick and can do it well, some frustrating things can be forgiven. The blocky retro-style graphics make sense given the game’s history, but it also fits with the simplicity of the game.   Plus I’m glad that the giraffe masturbation scene isn’t in HD, Some things I just don’t want to see.

McPixel is available on the iPhone and PC, and according to the website, coming soon to iPad and Android.


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