Mobile Monday: My Paper Plane 3

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 Wavecade has dramatically improved its My Paper Plane series with the latest entry, My Paper Plane 3. While perhaps not ground-breaking, it has the best use of the G-sensor I have come across and is a solid, wonderfully responsive flyer that I have been obsessively playing for a week.

MP1 was a physics-based flyer where you had to keep aloft a “real” paper airplane in a limited, square environment by grabbing thermal-like power-ups.  Wavecade realized that paper plane flying IRL is about was much fun as that hoop rolling thing kids were always playing in the background of old movies so they revamped the game for MP2, and now MP3. Now a canyon run-style flyer, you grab stars to rack up combos to reveal power-ups and unlockables. 

New to MP3 is catchy yet non-intrusive music, along with a new selection of unlockable planes, difficulty levels and quirky achievements: the speed achievement “Zephram Cochran Hyperdrive” is a great Star Trek reference and “Unicorn Chaser Mode” has you fly up into the clouds to gobble stars flying out of a unicorn’s butt.

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The graphics won’t punish your OS by any stretch, but by keeping them at PS1-level resolution Wavecade is able to give the player something that I found to be wonderful: dynamically generated levels which, each time you restart, creates and entirely new board. 

It is amazing how much more you are willing to try a difficult level if you know that you won’t be seeing the same tree and castle over and over; each attempt feels fresh and varied, and the result is me playing past my subway stop… two days in a row.

The other primary asset of My Paper Plane 3 is the wonderfully sensitive use of the G-sensor. The gameplay is responsive and quick, and provides that wonderful “oo, ooo!” factor as you lean wildly to the left in right, writing checks that your body can’t cash, Maverick. 

Bonus: The angle that you start the level is zeroed out as the baseline.  This means that if you feel like leaning against a wall or playing it bed, the game will adjust to your positioning.  This is great for those of us that like to lean against things and look cool…

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The game is not without its drawbacks: more varied powerups would have been great, as would a few additional boards.  These are minor complaints, though and may be due more to this reviewer’s opinion.  Personally, I think every game is better with wise-cracks and Nazi zombie hunts.

Overall, My Paper Plane 3 is the best use of the G-sensor I have ever used, and well worth the $2.99


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