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razeradarostereos1Gamers are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting headphones to complement their gaming sessions. With companies vying for a piece of the market share that gamers make up, it’s no surprise that with each new headphones release, the claims from manufacturers become more and more expansive. But how many of these claims are delivered, and how many are flowery words with no substance? I trialled the Adaro Stereo Analog headphones from Razer and after several hours across console gaming and PC media streaming, I am happy to report that Razer delivers on every promise made.

Let’s start with the basics – the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones have been designed with three things in mind – audio quality, comfort and portability. Across all three aspects, the headphones perform exceptionally well. I trialled the headphones using a PS4, playing the Destiny Beta and the sound quality was incredible – each earpiece delivered spectacular audio, with sounds sharp, crisp and nuanced. The Adaro Stereo headphones showcase the best of what can be expected in terms of audio quality and sound delivery, and the surround sound nature of the audio produced is impressively awe-inspiring.

With the Adaro Stereo headphones, which you can get here, you’ll feel as if you are in the game you’re playing, with superb sound quality amplifying your experience. You’ll hear individual sounds, from the footprints of your character to the sounds of leaves ruffling in the wind and girders creaking above your character’s head. The intensity and clarity of each individual sound is incredibly impressive.

The high quality of sound projected from the headphones is not limited to console gaming, with the headphones performing just as impressively with media streaming from a PC. Songs retain their nuanced aspects when using the headphones through the headphone jack, and sound quality remains unaffected even at higher volumes. Similary, the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones handle streaming movies and television shows with ease, with no noticeable muffling of sounds occurring, and no sound bleed from the ear pieces. PC gaming also sounds as impressive with the headphones as console gaming does, and the ease with which the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones can be plugged into the headphone jack of both console controllers and PC and work without requiring detailed settings changes made me a very happy reviewer.

In addition to performing well from an audio quality perspective, the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones also perform well in terms of comfort – even through hours of continual use, the headphones never felt too heavy or restrictive on my head. They never distracted me with irritating and painful aching. The headphones are well padded and the easily adjustable casing means no annoying pains or throbbing midway through an intense, extended gaming session. For those of us who have sat through hours on hours of game playing without a break, we know all too well that a gaming session can be cut short by a headache caused by ill-fitting and badly calibrated headphones. Thankfully, the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones suffer from neither, and the comfort they bring is an impressive and welcome design feature.


Finally, the Adaro Stereo’s lightweight design makes them perfect for on-the-go gamers and media fans, and their portability makes travelling with them a breeze. The headphones don’t take up much room at all, and their pliable flexibility means they won’t snap at the smallest pressure or accidental mishandling. The Razer Adaro Stereo’s are sleek and compact, and as they weigh hardly anything, they can be packed in both carry-on or checked luggage without any issue.

Whilst some may raise an eyebrow at the AU $149.95 pricetag of the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones, the headphones themselves are more than worth the price, performing impressively across the aspects of audio quality, comfort and portability. An investment in the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones is an investment in headphones that deliver exceptional quality, both in terms of sound performance and comfort. The portability of the headphones is an added bonus for gamers and media aficionados wanting to bring their headphones with them when travelling.

For delivering exceptional audio quality and featuring a design which ensures continued comfort during long gaming sessions, the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones score a 9 out of 10.

For those of you who like knowing product specifications, you can find the Adaro Stereo Analog headphones specs below.

Drivers: 40mm Neodymium Magnets
Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sensitivity @ 1kHz: 104dB ± 3dB
Input Power: 50mW
Connector: 3.5mm Gold-Plated Headphone Jack
Approximate Weight: 168g

To buy the Razer Adaro Stereo headphones, head to the official razer website here.

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