Review – Razer Naga Epic Chroma Mouse

razernaga1If you’re a huge MMO fan who can’t get enough of their MMO gaming sessions, the Razer Naga Epic Chroma mounse may just be the perfect mouse for you.

Retailing at around $120, the Naga Epic Chroma is one of the top tier products offered by Razer. And after a few hours of using it, it’s easy to see why. Let’s not beat around the bush here – this mouse is THE MOUSE for any hardcore MMO player, and it’s a great mouse for those not as invested in the genre as well.

The Naga Epic Chroma features a total of 19 fully customisable buttons, providing the player with a raft of different ways to customise their layout, so that that favourite spell or combination of spells and activated abilities is only a few button clicks away. As someone who enjoys a challenging MMO session every now and then, I found the ability to customise my layout on my mouse an absolute lifesaver a number of times. Yes, it takes some time getting used to directing this via your mouse and not your keyboard, but once you have it mastered, you’ll feel completely untouchable. The 12 button thumb grid on the side of the mouse is especially useful, ensuring that if you get into trouble in a particularly difficult dungeon MMO fight, survival is just a few thumb movements away. For those of you worrying that sausage fingers (or sausage thumbs as is more accurate in this case) may get in the way of hitting the button you want at the right time – don’t fret. Whilst I don’t have large fingers, I did request a few friends try this mouse out for me, and they reported they could use the thumb grid with ease (and as much as I love my friends, they have huge fingers and thumbs).

As an added bonus for those who play World of Warcraft, the Naga Epic Chroma features a special configurator developed just for the game. By using the Grid Assist Display overlay in-game, you can see exactly where each skill has been set on the grid. This feature allows you to configure your layout within the game itself, letting you drag and drop your skills right onto the overlay to customize your loadout. Players can create as many grids as they like using this, ensuring that you have whatever load out suits whichever character you’re currently playing as. I should note, however, that in-game configurator support is only compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

With a response rate of 1ms whether wired or wireless, the Naga Epic Chroma ensures wherever you click and whatever action you direct, the mouse responds instantly. As a nice additional touch when it comes to performance, the Naga Epic Chroma allows you to plug the mouse in via USB when the battery is running low and charge immediately, ensuring you have zero downtime. It’s great not to have to stop right in the middle of an intense session simply because you need to recharge your mouse, and whilst it’s a very small thing, it is definitely highly appreciated. The shape of the mouse itself is both ergonomic and comfortable, and I found using the mouse was easy, fun and incredibly gemütlich (which means agreeably pleasant for those playing at home).

In addition to responding well from a performance perspective, the Naga Epic Chroma also looks damn good thanks to the featured lighting display with 16.8 million customizable colour options. Now – I didn’t try every single colour option and instead opted for letting the mouse slowly cycle through the spectrum of colours. But I can say the mouse itself is visually stunning and the colours available for customisation mark the Naga Epic Chroma as a mouse that fully embraces the concept of user choice and customisation.

If you’re an MMO gamer who is after a good looking, great performing, fully customisable gaming mouse, the Naga Epic Chroma is perfect for you. Its sleek design, impressively ergonomic and comfortable body and intuitive button layout results in a mouse which ticks all the boxes and offers incredible value for money.

The Razer Naga Epic Chroma scores a 9 out of 10.


out of 10


Gameplay: /10

Storyline: /10

Soundtrack: /10

Visuals: /10

  • Fully customisable buttons are a huge help in MMO sessions
  • 16.8 million colour customisation for the mouse's lights makes it look super impressive
  • The mouse feels incredibly gemütlich
  • The price may put it out of reach of some gamers
  • Lots of buttons you may not need

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