SquidGrip controller grips review – You won’t find better grips


You’re sitting down for a long gaming session. You’re comfortable, you’ve got your food and drink by your side, and you’re ready to tackle the latest game to grace your PS3 or Xbox 360 console. But there’s something that always gets in the way – something that prevents you from enjoying your gaming session to the fullest – game for too long and you run the risk of sweaty palms and sore hands. But there’s good news – thanks to SquidGrip you’ll never have to worry about these issues again.

SquidGrip are the designers and manufacturers of high quality controller grips for the Xbox 360 and PS3/PS2 that are perfect for both competitive and casual gamers alike. They can be easily customised to feature graphics, gamertags, company logos or team names and are able to be shipped to addresses both domestically in the US and internationally.

Each SquidGrip package comes with 1 set of Squidgrips to wrap one controller, a badge set including 2 round badges and 2 oval badges (and these represent the cusomisation options for the grips), a SquidGrip sticker and application and cleaning instructions. The contents of each package of SquidGrips can be seen below (the PS3 version is pictured).


The grips themselves are exceptionally easy to apply. The mantra of SquidGrips is ‘Peel, Stick, Play’ and it truly is as simple as that. The grips slide away from their backings easily, and you use the existing contours of the controller to align and wrap around the grips. It takes less than ten minutes to apply the grips, being careful to follow the easy to understand instructions included. If you make a mistake and misalign the grips, it is easily rectified, but once you’ve applied one side of the grips the second side is a walk in the park.

Once you’ve applied the grips, the controller immediately feels more comfortable in your hands. SquidGrip gives you that extra cushioning that improves both your grip and comfort without being too bulky, distorting the controller’s shape, or providing too much extra weight. The controller still feels light in your hands, but it now has the cushioning you’ll need for those intense gaming sessions.

And when you are in the thick of your gaming session – that’s when SquidGrip absolutely shines. To say they perform well is an understatement – SquidGrip state their grips are designed to alleviate sweaty hands and improve grip and comfort, and this is exactly what they do. Whether you’re a gamer who likes to grip their controller like a vice, or whether you take a more casual approach to your controller holding – the SquidGrips provide you with a level of controller comfort you will not have experienced before. I tested both the Xbox360 and PS3 versions of the SquidGrips during a 7 hour non-stop gaming session and at no time did the controller ever feel uncomfortable, or my hands holding them feel cramped.

Perhaps more impressively, at no time during my 7 hour gaming session did I feel my hands becoming sweaty or slipping on the controller. As someone who can get sweaty palms during longer or more intense game playing, the fact that the SquidGrips prevented any sweating was an absolute godsend. At no point did I have to take my hands away from the controller to wipe them – SquidGrip promises to alleviate sweaty hands and they deliver on that promise. For this reason alone I would recommend SquidGrips to anyone who suffers sweaty palms during gaming. For those who live in hot climates – and Brisbane can get extremely muggy in summer – SquidGrips are a must own.

In addition to alleviating sweaty hands, SquidGrips are anti-microbial, meaning they suppress the growth of micro-organisms and germs. They do so through the composition of the materials used without being treated or sprayed with chemics, which is another plus for the grips.


SquidGrips are a must-have addition to any gamers collection, regardless of what type of gamer you are or what games you play. They use a non-permanent adhesive that doesn’t damage your controller and can be removed, they can be easily cleaned without needing to invest in expensive cleaning products, and they fit both wired and wireless official controllers for each console. Do yourself a favour and buy yourself some SquidGrips. They enhance comfort and grip and they alleviate sweaty hands and after trialling them I’ll be buying myself some more. I recommend them without hesitation.

Their pricepoint of $14.99 each for both the Xbox 360 and PS3/PS2 versions means they are a cost-effective addition to any gamers inventory, and the customisation options allows gamers to exercise their creativity and not be stuck with a bland selection of uninspiring tones of black and more black badges and buttons.

The Xbox 360 verson of the SquidGrips is available to buy on the official SquidGrip site here, with the PS3/PS2 version available here. SquidGrip ships internationally and accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments. For more information on SquidGrip, you can check their Official Website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or on their Official Youtube Channel.

At $14.99 each this is a no-brainer. Buy a pair – and then buy another ten more for your friends.

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