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Yes, it’s that time again.  No, not time to lock yourself in your bedroom, climb under the covers, and pray for God to make it Saturday again.  Saturday is gone.  It’s Sunday now, which means it’s also Kickday; the day we shed a some light on a Kickstarter campaign that needs a little love.  This week, it’s Super Daryl Deluxe.  How can you resist a name like that?  Read on to check it out.

super daryl deluxe 2Super Daryl Deluxe, as the name implies, is the story of Daryl Whitelaw.  Daryl is a new kid at a high school that has been secretly taken over by evil scientists.  What is the evil scientists’ evil plan, you ask?  They intend to use the high school students as lab rats for their evil research into brainwashing.  Now, I know that some of you might be thinking that this sounds a lot like your high school.  But unlike your guidance counselor, the brainwashing going on at Daryl’s high school is being done through far more nefarious means than giving you bad career advice.  The scientists’ experiments have gone awry, turning portions of the school into bizarre otherwordly realms inhabited by homicidal monsters.  It’s up to Daryl to journey through these dangerous worlds, meet up with friends along the way, and vanquish the demonic hordes while hopefully uncovering the secrets of his high school.


As you can see,  Super Daryl Deluxe is a 2D side scrolling action RPG which features beautiful (and downright hilarious) hand drawn art.  The game uses a deeply customizable combat system which can be tailored to practically any gamers’ taste, unless you’re one of those people who only like world building games that move at the speed of tectonic plates.  Then Super Daryl Deluxe probably isn’t for you.  For the rest of you, though, the combat system includes dozens of special abilities that Daryl can learn as you progress through the game.  You can equip up to four abilities at once, allowing you to experiment and formulate the perfect monster smacking formula for your style of play.  Leveling up also unlocks new items and outfits for Daryl.  So if you’re not liking his standard bell bottoms, headband and mullet, fear not.  You’ll be able to deck out Daryl in a wide assortment of custom threads.

In addition to combat, Super Daryl Deluxe will feature numerous side quests which focus more on exploration and interaction.  As you’re undoubtedly aware, high school kids deal with a lot of crap.  They’ve got issues, and Daryl is the just the guy to help them out.  Aiding his fellow students with their troubles will earn him extras and bonuses which will help him on his quest to take down the evil scientists.  Completing optional quests will also increase Daryl’s social reputation, earning him new passive abilities.

Want to see the game in action?  Check out the trailer below, which features a customizable soundtrack.  I highly recommend The Final Countdown.

Super Daryl Deluxe is being developed by Dan & Gary Games, a fledgling company run by two RIT students coincidentally named Dan Plate and Gary Porter. They’re trying to turn a project that began as something to do with their free time into a full-fledged game that everyone can enjoy. Super Daryl Deluxe is their love child; something they’ve spent the last two years working on, and they would like nothing more than to see it brought to fruition. Well, maybe there is something they’d like more. I don’t know them personally. But suffice to say, they want to finish this game. So they’ve turned to Kickstarter. Currently, 36 backers have contributed $2200 of the campaign’s $7000 goal. With 26 days to go, they’re offering the following pledge tiers.

  • $10 – SUPER DONOR DELUXE: You get your name in the finished game’s credits as a donor, and you receive the “Chelsea’s Party” demo at the end of the Kickstarter!
  • $15 – NEW KID IN SCHOOLYou get a digital copy of the game when it is released. You also get the demo and your name in the credits as a donor!
  • $25 – THE SUPER PACKYou get a Digital Artbook, a digital copy of the Soundtrack, a digital copy of the game, your name in the credits as a donor, and the demo.
  • $40 – DARYL SWAGYou get one of those fancy T-Shirts we show under the “REWARDS” Section of the page. Impress your friends and neighbors with your superior sense of style! This tier includes all previous tiers as well.
  • $75 – JOIN THE TEAM KINDA: Join an exclusive group that lets you beta test sections of the game as we develop! ***MORE DETAILS IN THE “REWARDS” SECTION OF THE PAGE!*** This tier includes everything in the “THE SUPER PACK” tier as well.
  • $100 – TRANSFER TO WATER FALLS HIGH SCHOOL: Become an NPC in the game! A characterized version of you will appear somewhere in the game with hilarious dialogue. Your NPC will also have a Biography Page in the “Character Biographies” section of Daryl’s Notebook.
  • $175 – THE DELUXE PACK: You get a signed, hardcover copy of the artbook, a T-Shirt, and everything in the “THE SUPER PACK” tier.
  • $300 – HELP DESTROY DARYL: You get to work with Dan and Gary to design an enemy for the game. This includes the name, look, behavior, and anything else involved in the creation of a nasty monster. This tier includes the “THE SUPER PACK” rewards and your name in the credits as an assistant enemy designer.
  • $350 – HELP DESTROY DARYL IN STYLE: You get the “HELP DESTROY DARYL” rewards, along with a signed, hardcover copy of the artbook and a T-Shirt.
  • $1000 – BE A PART OF HISTORY: You will become a character that is important to the story in one way or another. This character will be designed after you and have an anagram of your name. You will receive the original signed copy of the concept art for your character, and have the title of “Co-Producer” in the credits. This tier includes the “THE DELUXE PACK” rewards.
  • $7000 – YOU JUST FUNDED OUR GAME: You get the title of “Producer” in the credits, and you become a major antagonist in the game. You get to work closely with us to design this character. You will receive the signed original copy of the concept art for your character. This tier includes the “THE DELUXE PACK” rewards and an exclusive “Producer” T-Shirt. You will remain in the loop on the development process and be our new best friend.

I don’t know about you, but I think $7000 to become the best friend of two cool as hell RIT students sounds like a bargain.  If Super Daryl Deluxe looks like the kind of game you might be into, Dan and Gary have released a demo which you can download here.  Just keep in mind that it is a pre-alpha build of the game, and bugs are almost a certainty, so don’t judge it too harshly.

So if you like the look of Super Daryl Deluxe, and you’ve got an extra fifteen bucks lying around, why not make this Sunday a Kickday, and make Dan and Gary’s dream game come true?  In addition to their Kickstarter page, you can follow the progress of Super Daryl Deluxe on Facebook and Twitter.

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