Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide – Day 10


I’m back with Day 10 of Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide, and for today we have something inspired from one of my personal gaming favourites. When this game was released several years ago, it’s unique style and world made one heck of an impact on gamers, and it’s now become one of the most well-recognised series’ across consoles and PC. Its newest installment will be released next year, but the first in the series remains close to my heart, and now close to my….hand?

On the tenth day of Christmas – Plasmid Rings – Bioshock


Would you kindly….OK I won’t go there. But you don’t need to be mind-tricked into wanting to buy these delightful plasmid rings, anyway. Based on the plasmids found in the original Bioshock game (and that’s Electrobolt and Winter Blast specifically for those of you playing at home) the images are set in an oxidized brass ornate ring and covered with a 15mm round bevelled glass cameo. The rings are adjustible as well, which is good news for all you gamers with larger fingers (or smaller fingers, as the case may be).

The store also has other plasmid rings on offer, including Telekinesis, Incinerate and Insect Swarm, as well as an assortment of other rings and pendants from other gaming series (including Fallout, Portal, Mass Effect, Zelda and more). Each ring will set you back £4.50, which is around US $7.05. To grab your plasmid ring, check out the seller’s website here.

Just don’t expect that wearing these rings will actually give you the powers illustrated in their pictures. I made that assumption with a supergirl costume once and the result was…awkward.

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