Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide – Day 8


We’re up to Day 8 of Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide, which mean’s we’re almost three-quarters of the way through the feature. We can see the light, and it’s not the glow of Rudolf’s red nose. But don’t be upset, readers, as I still have a lot more fun gifts planned for the next few days. And for day 8, we have something featuring everyone’s favourite sinister evil mega-corporation.

On the eighth day of Christmas – Umbrella Corporation Cufflinks – Resident Evil


During a hard day of synthesising that extremely scientific T-virus zombie-enabler concoction, it’s important to keep your sleeves clean of any and all convicting evidence. With these cufflinks featuring the logo of the Umbrella Corporation – you don’t ever have to worry about getting your hands dirty ever again!

These cufflinks are hand-made out of polymer clay, and will set you back US $27.00, but the peace of mind they will give you will enable you to sleep like the dead. The recently undead, in fact.

And lets face it – sporting these at a work function will make you the coolest business mogul representing a sinister evil mega-corporation ever in the history of ever. This gift will definitely stay top of mind.

Head on over to the seller’s website here to pick up a pair. Or maybe two pairs. Just in case you have to leave your corporate-owned house in the middle of the day because a ‘situation’ has arisen at the super secret testing facility that’s been built a little too close to the city…..

Our 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gift Guide continues tomorrow. If you have missed any of the days so far, Day 7 can be found here. Day 6 is here. For Day 5, click here. Day 4 is here. Click here if you missed Day 3, here for Day 2, and here for Day 1.

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