Save Game’s 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide – Day 9


We’re at the tail end of the 12 Days of Christmas Gamer Gifts Guide, and today we have something for all your RPG fans. Whether you like to play a Fighter, Mage, Rogue or mixture of all three, today’s gift is perfect for you.

On the ninth day of Christmas – RPG Class, Race and Alignment Perfumes


Gaming is a hard hobby, especially if you’re an RPG fan. Controlling your custom-made character in Skyrim, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate or any of the medieval themed RPG offerings, you can spend months of fighting orcs and trolls and dwarfs and elves, delving into dungeons and caves, looting crates and cupboards. And all this work can leave you smelling well…not so great. But never fear – for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has you covered (your character is another matter).

I admit to being an absolute stickler for perfumes, so stumbling across this RPG themed set made my day. Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs have crafted unique perfumes for each of the main Races, Classes and Alignments seen in RPGs. From Dwarfs to Half-Elves, Fighters to Mages, Lawful to Chaotic – everything is accounted for. The deal here is that each perfume has been designed to compliment the others in the series, enabling you to combine scents as you create your character: you layer your class, race, and the two scents that constitute your alignment to create your character’s unique scent. Pretty impressive, right?

Each perfume oil blend comes in an amber apocathery vial and will set you back US $17.50 for 5ml. Sign me up for a Fighter and Ranger perfume, thanks.

To browse the very large selection of perfume oils, click here.

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