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Interview – Ben O’Brien, BigHeadMode and Bonus Stage

  On a dark night, in the last days of… July, I went to an event that’s undoubtedly a celebration of gaming culture. That would be Bonus Stage. The live gaming-themed variety show is the somewhat unseemly love-child of Carlo Ritchie and Ben O’Brien. In advance of their next show, I had the chance to speak with Bonus Stage’s O’Brien this week, and ask him a few serious (and many not-so-serious) questions.

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Australia to play a big role in Global Game Jam 2015

  What would happen if hundreds of game developers from all over the world came together and tried to make games in under 48 hours? Every year, the Global Game Jam attempts to answer that question. Described as world’s largest gaming hackathon, the event has produced some truly amazing games, and this year, Australians will have a far greater presence in the event than ever before. Read on for all the details.

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Is a “low violence” version of Saints Row 4 headed to Australia?

Hey, so remember that whole “Saints Row 4 is banned in Australia” thing?  If the game’s Australian Steam page is to be believed, the game might be headed to the land down under after all.  In a slightly altered form.  Read on for the details.

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