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House of the Dead 3 and 4 HD remakes coming to PSN


Sega has confirmed today that HD remakes of their classic light gun shooters, House of the Dead 3 and House of the Dead 4 will be coming to the PSN. Both titles will see a fresh splattering of pixels with a graphical HD overhaul, in addition to the inclusion of trophy support and move functionality.

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I am Alive headed to PSN and XBLA


Ubisoft’s post apocalyptic action adventure title I Am Alive will see a release via the PSN and XBLA. The game, which follows a man’s journey to find his wife and daughter separated from him due to the “event”, will have players challenged by both enemies and the environment, according to Ubisoft. The game will apparently utilize a unique combat system, and deadly atmospheres within the game’s story mean that stamina and resource management become of utmost importance.

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