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Interview – Techland’s Dying Light

On a sunny saturday at EB Expo, I stopped by the Warner Bros booth to check out the latest game from Techland. After an introductory video that showed how to play, I was thrown into the playable demo of Dying Light, side-by-side with zombies, and a few horsemen past the apocalypse. It was almost a leisurely walk, but if you’ve kept up with this title, you’d know that as day falls to night, the pace (as well as the danger would pick up). As soon as the rain began, the skies began to darken, and if not for a last minute […]

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New Dying Light trailer shows us the meaning of being human

We’re all pretty much monsters waiting to happen under the right circumstances aren’t we? This new Dying Light trailer  focuses on what everyone, survivors and zombies included used to be.  And my stars, it’s all very chilling and disturbing.

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