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Two new Sims 3 expansions on the way

Uh oh.  Don’t tell Jen, but… soon, there will be new opportunities to sink even more money into Sims 3.  Two new expansion packs will allow you to take your Sims to the movies, and into the future.  Read on for the details.  Unless you’re Jen, in which case… don’t.  It’s too dangerous.

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The Sims 3 – Save Game

  With  a new world, Dragon Valley being released on May 30th and that whole The Sims 4 thing on the horizon in 2014, I thought it would be beneficial to go back to my Sims 3 game and see just how much havoc I could wreak using some familiar faces and a whole lot of expansion packs.

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New info on Sims 3 University Life expansion pack

A new post on the official Sims 3 blog provides more details about the upcoming expansion pack University Life, releasing on March 5, focused around the three new social groups it will introduce: Jocks, Rebels and Nerds.

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Showtime announced as sixth Sims 3 expansion


Just when you thought there might be an end in sight to the Sims 3 expansions, EA announces the sixth expansion for their ever popular franchise The Sims 3. Entitled ‘Showtime’, the new expansion comes chock full of new features and items, and will enable your sims to embrace their inner rockstar and entertainer. Your sim can now live the dream life as a singer, performer, magician or DJ, with the expansion also providing you the opportunity to build your own venues – from concert halls, to stadium or clubs.

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