Battlefield 4 Naval Strike gets a release date and trailer


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s (almost) here.  Naval Strike, the much hyped expansion for Battlefield 4 will finally be released next week, and to get everyone excited for more near future military mayhem, DICE has released a new trailer which shows off the expansions new maps, as well as a new gameplay mode called Carrier Assault.  Read on for the details.

The launch and support of Battlefield 4 hasn’t exactly gone according to DICE’s plans.  Unless, of course, they planned to ship a game that was so filled with bugs that the studio had to put all DLC on hold to help fix them.  While message boards are still filled with complaints about the game, DICE has seemingly found time to finish its next big expansion of the game, entitled Naval Strike.  The DLC will feature four new maps, all sharing a watery theme.

  • Lost Island: features a fishing village and a crashed passenger plane, allowing you and your friends to finally film that LOST machinima series you’ve been talking about for years.
  • Wave Breaker: takes place in and around a naval, in which you can drop partially built submarines on your enemies.
  • Nansha Strike: contains the largest stretch of ocean ever seen in a Battlefield map, which is apparently something to brag about.
  • Operation Mortar: Set in an abandoned cliff-side resort, and features old-timey cannons you can actually fire

In addition to the maps, Naval Strike will contain ten new assignments, two new gadgets, ten new weapons, and a totally sweet hovercraft vehicle.  The DLC will also feature a new mode called Carrier Assault, which will probably feel familiar to Battlefield veterans.  A modern re-imagining of the classic Titan mode from Battlefield 2142, Carrier Assault is a team game in which the goal is to the destroy the opposing team’s aircraft carrier.  To do this, teams must capture multiple points on the map, which will unleash missile barrages against the carrier.  Once the carrier’s hull degrades enough, teams can then board it and finish off the job.  Sound like fun?  You can see it in action below.

Naval Strike will be available to all Battlefield premium members on March 25th.  Everyone else will have to wait until April 8th, at which point it will sell for $15.  The Battlefield 4 premium membership will set you back $50, but it grants you early access to all five Battlefield 4 expansions.  After Naval Strike is released, there are still two more planned expansions: Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand.  

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