CD Projekt Red calls Witcher 2 on Xbox360 Adaptation not Port


According to CD Projekt Red, their upcoming Xbox360 release of The Witcher 2, previously only seen on PC, will be an adaptation of the PC game, rather than a port. In more Witcher 2 news, CD Projekt Red has announced details of their upcoming 2.0 release for the PC version of the game. To read more about both news stories, check below.

According to Tomasz Baginski, an animator working on the project:

“The CGI Intro for The Witcher 2 will have [a] different flavor than the one known from the first Witcher game. In Witcher 1 we have quite an intimate story which practically consists of only two main characters. The Intro told a part of the first short story about Geralt of Rivia ever written by the author Andrzej Sapkowski and was not directly connected with the game itself. For us it was also kind of a tribute to the author.

Today, we have a different situation. Some shots seen in the Xbox trailers show that this time we went into different direction. We have very spectacular and epic scenes strictly connected with the events from the game and its subtitle. I won’t reveal more in order to not spoil watching it when the game comes out.”

In other Version 2.0 news, Adam Badowski, Studio Director of CD Projekt Red had this to say regarding the update:

“We quite modestly called this new update 2.0, but while testing it, we have realized that this update is actually bigger than [the] Enhanced Edition known from our first game! So this is a major update not only for us, but also for all those who want to start their adventure with the game and for those who would like to play it again…

We promised to support our game after release and also bring new content for free. Version 2.0 is one of the steps to fulfill our promise…Around 1 million units sold worldwide and solid financial results are the best proof that that we have the right approach. You don’t need draconian DRM to have good sales and you don’t need costly DLC to have good financial results. You just need to treat you[r] customers fair, and you get not only financial results, but fans’ admiration, which for us is absolutely priceless!”

The update itself will feature a new tutorial system designed as a separate part of the game with the goal to ensure the start of the game is a pleasant learning experience with an easier learning curve; a new dark difficulty setting which will provide a challenge nearly as difficult as the insane difficulty level, but allowing players to save the game; and a new arena mode which will allow players to hone their combat style and techniques against all the opponents from the game as well as a new monster type – the werewolf.

Version 2.0 will be available on September 29th as an automatic update for all existing and new users.

And to celebrate the announcement of Version 2.0, CD Projekt Red is offering the Witcher 2 at a discounted price of $29.99 at or $29.90 on Steam. Gamers have until October 6th to take advantage of the price reduction. And for all you PC players who haven’t already experienced the magic of the Witcher 2 – do yourselves a favor and buy it now. At that price point you have no reason not to.

Source: GameRant

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