CD Projekt RED Launches REDkit


CD Projekt RED has just announced today that they’ll be releasing the magical, wizardry took kit that was used to create The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings so people can create more magical wizardry and mod all the things.

The REDkit is currently in an open beta and it’s totally free on the official REDkit website so anyone who wants to create content for the previous installment of The Witcher series can do so by using… magic.  Okay I know it’s not magic but to me it might as well be.  I won’t be venturing in there to try to do anything even though REDkit apparently gives modders “of all skill levels” the opportunity to use all the tools they’ll need to create non-linear, branching plotline content, characters and obviously consequences within the Witcher World.

I’ll let Adam Badowski, head of CD Projekt RED tell you more:

“We want to give players the power to tell the same kind of non-linear, branching stories that made The Witcher games so popular. Our fans have helped us for years to make our games the best they can be, and REDkit is part of embracing our community as a partner in game development.”

Some of the REDkit features include:

  • Intuitive tools developed for all would-be storytellers and game designers
  • Complex and user-friendly terrain tools, including the SpeedTree foliage system*
  • Utilize the astonishing graphics and visuals that power The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • Create a realistic and dynamic day and night cycle in a few clicks
  • Implement non-linear stories and quests with a unique quest system that allows player decisions to impact the game world and plot
  • Build believable characters, NPCs, and entire communities and set their interactions with the player
  • Place dialogue cameras automatically or manually to create a film like experience

But wait there’s more!  There’s also a mod of the month contest for the kind of spectacular creations one can conjure up using this kit.  Currently the winner is a German man named Philipp Weber and the lucky guy get’s a one of a kind Witcher sword as his prize.  If you want to mod and win some kind of sword or something there’s forums for developer feedback and tutorials there as well.

Here’s the trailer for it!

About the Author: (@Badpie24) Writer & Editor

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