Dishonored’s Knife of Dunwall DLC coming next month

Dishonored-Dunwall-1Just a day after teasing Dishonored fans with a single, mysterious image, Bethesda and Arkane Studios have unveiled the first major expansion for their hit stealth action game.  It promises to provide hours of new content, and we’ve got all the details for you.

So it turns out that my analysis of the image from yesterday was a little off.  And by a little off, I mean completely wrong.  Hey, what do you want from me?  I tried.  The good news is that The Knife of Dunwall sounds like it might be even cooler than my failed prognostications. Announced earlier today on the Bethesda blog, The Knife of Dunwall tells the story of Daud, a legendary assassin who is seen briefly at the beginning of Dishonored, when he sets the whole epic tale in motion.  You’ll be able to experience the events of the game through his perspective, fight with a unique arsenal, and explore brand new areas of Dunwall.  The expansion will also allow you to guide Daud along a light or dark path, and the story will reflect the course you take.

Perhaps most interesting of all is that the story started in The Knife of Dunwall will not end there.  The story will continue into another planned add-on, entitled The Brigmore Witches.  While no details or release dates were given for this second expansion, I think it’s safe to assume that witches, or at the very least, witchcraft, will be involved.  We’ll keep you updated.

Speaking of release dates, The Knife of Dunwall will be released on April 16th.  It will cost you $9.99 on PS3 and PC, and 800 Ballmer Bucks, otherwise known as Microsoft points.

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