Dragon Age Legends now available as a free single player game


Who likes free games? Everyone likes free games! And what’s better than a free game? A free game that features magic powers and weapons and castle building goodness! Rejoice, medieval RPG fantasy fans, as Bioware have announced that their browser based, free-to-play RPG Dragon Age Legends is now available to download as a free, single-player game.

Direct from the game’s Official Site:

Enjoy this epic, free RPG adventure game from Bioware. Battle demons and darkspawn with your friends, earn loot and build the ultimate castle.

If you have played the online version of Dragon Age Legends on either Facebook or Google+, you will soon be able to download your character as a Saved Game and continue playing in the single-player game. We are gathering all the data now and it will be available within a few days. Check back soon for instructions on how to download your character from the online game!

Originally launched last year, the game had previously featured online elements linked to Facebook and Google+. As the online servers for the game were shut down yesterday, these elements are no longer part of the game, and the game itself can only be played offline after being downloaded to your PC.

For those of you keen on some Darkspawn slayage, download instructions can be found on the Official Dragon Age Legends website.

Happy killings, Wardens!

Source: Official Dragon Age Legends Website

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