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Dark Horse to publish World of Thedas – a Dragon Age encyclopedia


New York Comic Con is the perfect place to learn about any of those delicous things you’ve been hoping for in regards to the merging of your favorite video games and the comic book world.  Thus, it is with giddy joy I bring you this bit of news about the Dragon Age Encyclopedia: World of Thedas.

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Modding Dragon Age: Origins – The Essentials


WARNING – The Nexus is a site that caters to many modding tastes, therefore there will be content that is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK that includes nudity and depictions of graphic sexual content. In order to view such content, you must be a member of the site and registration is free, but you have been warned. Now that I have your attention…

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(not so) BREAKING NEWS: Bioware Announces Dragon Age 3


Nobody ever expects the Dragon Age Inquisition!  Actually, pretty much everybody did.  Bioware has finally given up trying to maintain the worst kept secret in gaming, and has officially announced Dragon Age 3.  Read on for the details.

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Dragon Age Legends now available as a free single player game


Who likes free games? Everyone likes free games! And what’s better than a free game? A free game that features magic powers and weapons and castle building goodness! Rejoice, medieval RPG fantasy fans, as Bioware have announced that their browser based, free-to-play RPG Dragon Age Legends is now available to download as a free, single-player game.

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Bioware releases new DA2 patch, hints at new game.


While much of the gaming world has been focused on the launch of Bioware’s newest blockbuster, Mass Effect 3, it was easy to forget that this past week marked the one year anniversary of another title from the Edmonton, Alberta studio: Dragon Age 2.  To mark that milestone, Bioware released a new patch for the title, version 1.04 for those keeping count.  Read on to see what issues the patch addresses, and for some hints at future Dragon Age titles dropped by the game’s developers.

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David Gaider Speaks to Save Game on the new comic Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1


Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider was kind enough to give Save Game the scoop on Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1, which was released through Dark Horse Comics earlier today.  The story follows a few familiar faces from the Dragon Age games and introduces us to a couple new ones against the mysterious backdrop of Antiva City.  

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More Info On The Dragon Age Comics Emerges


You may recall our interview with David Gaider and Mike Laidlaw from New York Comic Con in which they were nice enough to discuss the upcoming Dragon Age Comic Book series.  New details have emerged as well as a release date.  Keep reading for Dark Horse Comics’ statement.

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Mike Laidlaw and David Gaider Talk Dragon Age Comics


During all the excitment of New York Comic Con this weekend I was lucky enough to score a few scheduled minutes with Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director of the Dragon Age series and David Gaider, the Lead Writer of all the titles.  They let me in on the scoop regarding their new Dragon Age comic with Dark Horse, and talked lore and even a little bit of porn with me. 

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Bioware caught off guard by Dragon Age 2 player reaction


Bioware have stated in an interview with Xbox World Magazine that the very polarizing reactions after the release of Dragon Age 2 caught the company “off-guard”. Dragon Age 2 was criticised by fans of the previous game for being being ‘dumbed down’, with the RPG mechanics severely reduced.

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Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC announced


Dragon Age 2 is set to receive new DLC, according to a new trailer from Game Trailers, released today. The new DLC, entitled ‘Mark of the Assassin‘ looks set to feature the elven assassin Tallis, voiced by Felicia Day. Fans of the Dragon Age series will know Day had previously announced she was starring in a six part web series set in the Dragon Age universe – and this DLC appears set to introduce the character she will be playing in the webseries into the actual Dragon Age game universe.

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