Four (yes four!) new DLC packs released for Saints Row 4

SR4-banner-2It’s good to feel loved, isn’t it?  Volition is showing how much they still care for all of us by releasing four new DLC packs this week.  Seriously, four.  I counted.  From stylish (and not so stylish) clothing, to cool cars, to crazy new powers, these DLC packs show just how much the developers at Volition still love us.  And their game too, I guess.  Read on for the details.

The first, and perhaps most interesting piece of DLC is the creatively titled Reverse Cosplay Pack.  What is reverse cosplay, you ask?  Reverse cosplay is when an original costume created by a fan gets programmed into the game by developers.  Saints Row has a very active cosplay community, and the devs at Volition wanted to reward them by holding a cosplay competition.  The two winning creations wound up in the Reverse Cosplay pack.  You can see the winning Genki Space Pimp and Freckle Bitch’s costumes, and meet their creators, in the video below.

Next up is the Bling Bling Pack, which brings four new capitalistic powers into Saints Row 4.  There’s the Make it Rain Stomp, the Bling Blast, the Shakedown Telekinesis, the the Midas Touch.  I could tell you what each of those powers do, or you could just watch the cool trailer below.  It’s alright, I’d watch the trailer too. I’m not offended.

Rounding out this DLC packtacular are the Game On and College Daze packs.  In the Game On pack, you get to drive around Steelport in a Zamboni.  Yeah, there’s other stuff in the pack, the Zamboni pretty much sells it.  The College Daze pack will let you dress your president in classic college garb like short shorts and beer helmets.  Check out the two packs in action in the trailer below.

The Reverse Cosplay pack is free.  The other three packs will set you back $2.99 each, and are all available now on all platforms.

About the Author: (@Joe_of_the_Dead) Lead Editor, Writer

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