Get your Witcher groove on with a GOG holiday offer


You’ve been enjoying the awesomeness of Geralt and The Witcher 2 for almost six months now, right? If you haven’t – shame on you! You should grab it now! And as luck would have it, is having a holiday celebrations sale – and they are offering The Witcher Enhanced Edition along with The Witcher 2 for only $23.99. The offer is for 48 hours and begins on the 8th December at 11.00GMT. And this is only the beginning of the sale, with GOG promising massive savings across a huge number of titles. Check below for their official press release.


Starting on this Thursday, we’ll have The Witcher 2 on an eye-popping 40% off discount for 48 hours AND we’re bundling in a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with any purchase of The Witcher 2. We’ll be running this from 11.00 GMT on Thursday 8 December until 10.59 GMT on 10 December, and it’s the best bargain we’re going to have on the Witcher series this holiday season!

Then, on Saturday, we will start a season of holiday celebrations by awarding a number of game codes to you guys! We’ll have copies of Master of Orion I + II, courtesy of GOG and Atari, copies of Realms of Arkania I + II, and lots of codes for $5.99 and $9.99 games. We’ll be giving them away through social media (that’s Facebook and Twitter) as well as through our forums right here on! Be sure to check in with us this weekend and you just might win an awesome game or two from us.

Finally, we’re starting our winter sale with a huge bang–we’re giving anyone a free copy of Empire Earth Gold Edition for 48 hours. Starting on Monday 12 December at 11.00 GMT and running until Wednesday 14 December at 10.59 GMT, anyone can add Empire Earth: Gold Edition to his or her shopping cart for free as a holiday gift from us to you!

Also, starting on Monday at 11.00 GMT, is adding virtually every single game in our catalog for 50% off from now until 2 January 2012. Pick up games from fantastic publishers and developers like EA, Interplay, Atari, Activision, Sierra, and many more for half off this holiday season!

The Witcher 2 deal itself is worth checking out, and the further discounts on a variety of titles means you should be circling December 8 on your calendar and marking this sale from!


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