Insomniac releases first gameplay footage of Sunset Overdrive

sunset-overdrive-bannerIt’s been nearly a year since Microsoft unveiled Sunset Overdrive, their exclusive new IP from Insomniac Games.  When it was shown off at E3 2013, we knew that the game would be fast, colorful, and action packed.  But other than that, the game remained a mystery until now.  Microsoft has released a first look at the game, and it looks like a fresh, irreverent take on the post apocalyptic open world genre .  Read on for the details.

The video went up earlier today on the official Xbox YouTube page, and gives us the first good look at what Sunset Overdrive is all about.  In short, the game is about a comet that turns all of Earth’s machines into sentient, bloodthirsty monsters.  A small ragtag group of nobodies take shelter in a backwater truckstop, and must figure out a way to survive the mechanized onslaught.

Oh wait, that’s Maximum Overdrive.  Sorry, I’m not good with names.

Sunset Overdrive is similarly apocalyptic.  But instead of rampaging tractor trailers, you’re up against hordes of nasty mutants.  The year is 2027, and a new energy drink has turned the citizens of your city into homicidal freaks.  It’s up to you to retake your hometown, but this isn’t a simple shooter.  In Sunset Overdrive, traversing the urban landscape with speed and style is just as important as pumping mutants full of lead.  You’ll be able to use all manner of acrobatic jumps, rails and wall runs to gain a tactical advantage over the mutant horde.

You won’t be fighting them alone.  The city is still populated, with survivors teaming up into multiple factions.  These factions can make formidable allies in your fight against the mutants.  And it wouldn’t be an Insomniac game without an arsenal of over the top weaponry.  Guns on display in the trailer include a bowling ball launcher, a roman candle gun, and a sadistic contraption that fires teddy bears strapped with dynamite.  In addition to all the pew pew toys, your character will also be able to wield special abilities, including the power to air glide, set off miniature nukes and even summon tornadoes.

To see all of what I just described in action, check out the video below.

I gotta say, Sunset Overdrive looks like a lot of fun. Unlike most games involving apocalyptic events, this one is bright and colorful. After so many dark, depressing looks at large scale destruction, it’s refreshing to see a game that can still find humor in the end of the world. Hopefully, we’ll be learning a lot more about Sunset Overdrive at E3. The game is scheduled for a fall 2014 release.

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