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Games impressions: EB Expo 2014

EB Games Expo 2014. Lots of lines, lots of merch and lots of games. Here’s our thoughts on 6 impressive titles on display at EB Games’s most recent Expo.

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New Sunset Overdrive trailer shows off a teddy bear gun

  Who doesn’t love teddy bears?  They’re cute, cuddly, collectible; they’re one of the greatest inventions in the history of humankind.  But haven’t you ever wanted to, you know… blow one up?  Strap a stick of dynamite to one and hurl it at your enemies?  Well, in Sunset Overdrive, you can apparently do that.  And other wacky things.  Read on to check out the new trailer.

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Insomniac releases first gameplay footage of Sunset Overdrive

It’s been nearly a year since Microsoft unveiled Sunset Overdrive, their exclusive new IP from Insomniac Games.  When it was shown off at E3 2013, we knew that the game would be fast, colorful, and action packed.  But other than that, the game remained a mystery until now.  Microsoft has released a first look at the game, and it looks like a fresh, irreverent take on the post apocalyptic open world genre .  Read on for the details.

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