N7 Day 2013 is coming!

masseffect111I know it’s been awhile, but we’ve finally got some Mass Effect news.  No, it’s not the announcement of a new game, but it’s still pretty cool.  N7 Day, the annual celebration of all things Mass Effect, just just around the corner, and Bioware has offered up a preview of what they have in store.  Read on for all the details.

Bioware first celebrated N7 Day last year, and fans were wondering if it would become an annual event.  It apparently has, after it was announced on the Bioware Blog earlier today that N7 Day would be returning this comong November 7th.  Bioware has a whole day’s worth of events and contests scheduled, and you can check out a breakdown of their plans below.

N7 Day Pride: share your favorite piece of Mass Effect gear with the world.  Do you have a homemade Ashley plushie?  An autograph collection?  A keelah se’lai tattoo across your back?  Take a picture, and share it on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram with the #N7Day13 hashtag.

N7 Day fan art contest: Bioware will be collecting submissions from artists, and choosing a select few to be featured in the Bioware store.

Play Mass Effect With Bioware: all day on the 7th, Bioware employees will be logging into Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and playing with the fans.  Just look for their Bioware banners in the game lobby.

Child’s Play Charity Auction: some very special items, including rare concept art that predates the original Mass Effect, will be auctioned off to benefit Child’s Play.

N7 Day at Bioware: fans will be able to see photos, blogs and retrospectives from the Mass Effect team.

Mass Effect Risk: yes, there’s a Mass Effect version of the Risk board game, and on N7 Day, Bioware employees will be playing it and sharing video of the event.

Minecraft Creation Contest: submit your best Mass Effect themed works of blocky Minecraft art.

Extra Life Mass Effect Marathon: the Extra Life campaign will be holding their annual gaming marathon on November 2nd to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network.  A team of Mass Effect players will be taking part, and marathoning the game for 25 hours straight.

N7 Day Deals: last year, the sales and special deals weren’t limited to the Bioware store, and this year promises more of the same.  There might even be a few new items unveiled. Oh pleeease let it be a non-creepy Liara statue.

Stay tuned to the Bioware Blog for more details as N7 Day gets closer.

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