New Titanfall trailer shows off the Atlas mech

titanfall-bannerSo there’s this little game called Titanfall.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  The good old hype train sure seems to be picking up speed lately, and a brand new trailer for the game sure won’t do anything to slow it down.  Read on for the details, and to check out the new rock ’em, sock ’em footage.

This latest trailer sticks with the same theme as the last two videos which debuted during VGX, namely in-universe commercials touting products sold by Hammond Robotics.  While it’s still unclear what role Hammond will play in the game, Respawn is spending lots of time and money establishing it as the face of Titanfall.  They even set up a very slick corporate website for the fictional company.  Their latest advertisment features the Atlas mech, which has featured prominently in the game’s artwork since its unveiling back at E3.  Unlike the previously revealed Ogre and Stryder mechs, which were both highly specialized, the Atlas seems to be a well rounded jack of all trades.  Check out the trailer for it below.

Watching that video got me thinking.  Titanfall is a cool name and all, but I think Roboplunge is even better.  Or maybe “Tiny Human Get In My Tummy!”  Hey Respawn, it’s not too late to change the name, is it?  Whatever they decide to call it, the game will be out next March exclusively on the Xbox One.

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