Pocket Galaxy now available for iOS, Android and PC

pocketgalaxyCalling all MMO Space-adventure loving gamers – Pocket Galaxy, the ‘space adventure in your pocket’ we previewed in April – is now available for iOS, Android and PC.

The MMO from Spectacle Games is a pick up and play, cross-platform enabled game which allows players to complete missions, battle with factions and conquer territories in epic galactic style combat. The game is available on iOS, Android and PC, and interested gamers should head here to download the game on the platform of their choice.

For those wanting a very quick rundown of Pocket Galaxy’s features, here you go:

  • Synchronous gameplay across iOS, Android, and PC
  • Full real time space combat
  • Alliance/Guild system
  • In-depth crafting & resource gathering system
  • Massively Multiplayer Online

If you’d like a more in-depth preview, take a look at our article ‘Pocket Galaxy – A Massively Multiplayer, cross platform space adventure.

And in rather exciting news – for those of you wanting to check out Pocket Galaxy for yourselves – we have a bunch of PC beta keys to give away. Winning one is simple  – either comment on this article with “I want a key!”; follow us on twitter (@Savegameonline) and look out for a tweet about the Beta Key giveaways or like us on Facebook and respond to our Facebook page post with “I want a key!”

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