Two new videos shed light on The Last of Us: Left Behind


Have the tears dried?  Has your soul healed?  Is safe to return to The Last of Us?  Those are all questions you’ll have to start asking yourself, since the game’s first single player DLC, Left Behind, is about to be released.  To prepare its fans for another heart wrenching journey into their apocalyptic world, Naughty Dog has released two new videos; a developer diary and the entire cinematic intro.  Read on to see them for yourself.

Both videos appeared earlier today on the official Playstation YouTube channel; one offering a behind the scenes look at the making of Left Behind, while the other showing the cinematic intro to the DLC.  If you’re a little unsure of what Left Behind is all about, here’s a quick recap.  Left Behind is set before the events of The Last of Us, and focuses on Ellie’s time spent at a military boarding school, within the Boston quarantine zone.  It tells the story of her exploration of an abandoned mall with her friend Riley, last seen in the American Dreams comic series.

While Left Behind will focus more on exploration that the main game, it will still feature some very challenging fights.  New to Left Behind is something Naughty Dog is calling “multi-faction combat,” which pits Ellie and Riley against both human and infected adversaries simultaneously.  You’ll also be able to trick both sides into fighting each other, adding a new layer of strategy to combat. Check out the full developer video below.

Naughty Dog has also released the cinematic intro to Left Behind, which features Riley’s return to the military school after an extended absence.  The clip is practically dripping with foreshadowing, and once again highlights Naughty Dog’s uncanny ability to make a collection of polygons and textures feel totally alive.

Are you excited?  Terrified?  A bit of both?  You might recall that our fearless leader Tash gave The Last of Us a perfect score, and chose it as her Game of the Year.  Trust me, folks.  She’s a good judge of quality, so chances are good that Left Behind will be worth your time.  It will be released on February 14, and will sell for $14.99 exclusively on PS3.

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