TPAT Highlights – Risen 2: Dark Waters

Shiver me timbers! Fasten the main plank! Scribbob the kaboodlesen!  I may not know anything about being a pirate, but I’m pretty sure the game Risen 2: Dark Waters doesn’t either. And that’s the latest TPAT stinker we have for you.

Maybe “stinker” is too harsh. I don’t know. A game really has to stink for me to really say anything bad about it. Luckily Tash and Christine don’t mind sharing their opinions about not so great ones.  It’s why we love them and why we love TPAT.  Just so everyone here knows, this is apparently a pirate game or something only I’m pretty sure you don’t get to play as a pirate, at least not for the first couple of hours.  You do, however get to run around shirtless, chat up a saucy sailor lady named Patty, and poke monkeys with a sword.  Please do enjoy the TPAT of Risen 2!

About the Author: (@Badpie24) Writer & Editor

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