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First of five expansion packs for Alien Isolation releasing soon

As if the initial game wasn’t intense enough, SEGA is preparing even more ways to scare the crap out of you.  The first of five planned expansion packs for Alien Isolation is on the way, offering players unique perspectives on the events that took place on board that doomed space station.  Read on to learn all about the first expansion pack by reading on.

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SEGA unveils the Alien Isolation launch trailer

Well, this is it.  The time has come to see if Alien Isolation can become the game all Alien fans have been waiting for, or if it will just be added to the mountain of past failures.  If the brand new launch trailer is any indication, at least the team at The Creative Assembly has gotten the mood right.  Read on to see the trailer for yourself. 

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New Alien: Isolation trailer brings some lo fi to its sci fi

It’s “a game set in the future but based in the past” as described by Al Hope, the Creative Lead of Alien: Isolation. As a result of this quirk, the creative team behind the new game based on the well-loved and well-known Alien franchise have had to lo fi their sci fi, as the latest trailer for Alien: Isolation showcases.

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New Alien Isolation dev diary explores how the alien was created

As a card carrying Alien fan, and with the scars left by Aliens: Colonial Marines slowly healing, I hereby declare it safe to get excited about Alien Isolation.  A new dev diary has been released, and by the looks of it, Isolation is shaping up to be everything that the steaming pile from Gearbox wasn’t.  Read on to see it for yourself.

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