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Mark Your Calendars – Fuse Gets a Demo

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but you can be playing the highly anticipated co-op shooter Fuse from Insomnia games very, very soon.

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ME3 Demo Impressions


There are minor spoilers within this article based on the content of the demo. If you wish to go into Mass Effect 3 completely pure, then do not read! I’ve spent almost a week with the Mass Effect 3 demo now. All it is telling me is that I can’t wait any longer for this game. I need it now. I must find out how it ends, even if that is in multiple possible ways. And I must have my happily ever after with a certain marine and a certain raven haired biotic. There isn’t much to this short demo […]

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Mass Effect 3 Demo releasing February 14


One of our most hotly anticipated titles now has a confirmed release date for its demo – and that date is February 14. That’s right, fellow maffectites (mass effect-ites, get it?) the day to tell your friends to quit bothering you to go out because you have a galaxy to save from a highly advanced machine race of synthetic/organic starships is the 14th of February.

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Mass Effect 3 demo releasing January


As Bioware has previously done with Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 will be getting a pre-release demo in January, which will provide players with a sneak peak into both the single player and the recently announced multiplayer modes. News of the demo was announced on the Bioware Social Network with Bioware confirming that early access to the multiplayer mode will be available to anyone who has bought Battlefield 3 and activated their online pass. Alternative methods of gaining access to the multiplayer have also been mentioned, although no details yet on just what they will entail have been given.

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