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What N7 Day Means To Us


As some of you may know, November 7th is also known as N7 Day – a reference to the N7 branch of the Alliance Military in the Mass Effect universe. It’s a day when Mass Effect fans come together to share their love for the characters, the stories and the series, and when we also hopefully hear some Mass Effect-related news. For this N7 Day, we’re sharing a little about what it, and the series, means to us.

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Community Report: Bonus Stage 7 (Oz Comic Con Edition)

bonus stage 12027280_963195113746865_3046396119188485619_o

The first thing that needs to be said is that Bonus Stage is an enjoyable experience. If you ever have the chance, you should go. A special edition of the live video game stage show, Bonus Stage, was held in the familiar surrounds of the Giant Dwarf theatre, in the aftermath of an Oz Comic Con Saturday here in Sydney.

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Destiny: When The Taken King comes too soon

Destiny-Screenshot-Original (6)

The Taken King came for us all, but not all of us are where he expected us to be. While clanmates all over have gone into the Court of Oryx, not everyone’s made the leap yet. Nick takes a look at what Destiny is like now for those that still dancing, pointing and cheering away on pre-expansion guardians.

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Draenor


I thought I knew what I had waiting for me when I bought it. In many ways the game felt like a known quantity; at worse it would feel the same niche that had previously been occupied by Morrowind and Everquest. Those two honed-in on a love of exploration, and brought about marathon gaming sessions that’d lead to bed as the morning birds were waking.

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How kids have changed the way I look at gaming


Kids change everything. Everyone knows this, and the statement is true to gamers as well. But the question remains, to what extent does having kids change your gaming habits?

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Mainstream Media Misrepresentations Cause Games Harm


By now, nearly everyone in the gaming world would have heard of the decision by Target and K-mart in Australia to stop the sale of Grand Theft Auto 5. This decision came after news broke of a group of former sex workers using online petitioning site change.org, to call on Target to stop selling the game. You can read an updated version of the story after their ‘success’ here. According to the petition, GTA 5 “encourages players to murder women for entertainment” and after the article appeared on News.com.au the amount of signatures on the petition swelled to over forty […]

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Impressions: Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer


One of the most refreshing things about Mass Effect 3 (no, we’re not going to discuss the ending) was the Multiplayer mode. Originally seen as a tacked-on implementation that was meant to satisfy a checklist, ME3MP recaptured something of the camaraderie that used to be so integral in multiplayer gaming.

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Community report – PAX Australia 2014


During my time as Editor-in-Chief of Save Game, I’ve been to a lot of conventions. Some of them have been local events. Others have been popular national events with attendance statistics over 100,000. I’ve even headed to the big one, E3. But of all the cons I’ve been to across the years of running this site, PAX Australia 2014 has been the first con where I’ve honestly been able to stand back whilst there and think “Damn. I’m HOME.”

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Event Report: LG Ultimate TV Gaming Experience


It’s a sunny afternoon in the middle of October, and I’m standing at the bow of a ferry that’s just left the wharf at Milsons Point. With a bright vision of Sydney Harbour behind me, my brief journey to La Corniche begins. There’s an event. The promise is the same as it always is, and echoes with the familiar staples. There’s food, drink, and of course, games. It’s only just past my second whole month of living this life, and it’s still ridiculously difficult to contain my excitement.

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Community Report: EB Expo 2014


EB Games put on the newest version of their games Expo this year, starting for most on October 3rd, and running through until October 5th. I went along to do coverage for Save Game, but the truth is I would’ve went regardless. The first time I went was Expo 2012, and due to not being in the neighbourhood last year, this was my second chance to attend. I can’t compare with how it might have been last year, but there was a definite shift in atmosphere over that two year period. The early throw at the event felt empty in […]

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