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Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

Today I found out about the development of a game that I’ve been screaming out for, in one way or another, every since I was a kid. I have nothing but fond memories for the SEGA Master System classic Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap. It had a semi-release a few years ago in the Wii Arcade, but I’ve been hoping for a proper remake for the newer generation of consoles for some time. While I didn’t quite get my wish, it looks like one of the greatest games ever made is getting a spiritual sequel of sorts. That’s in the form of Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom.

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Humble Weekly Sale features SEGA titles

Continuing to show that you can find great games at bargain basement prices, and feel good about supporting charities at the same time, this week’s Humble Weekly Sale is all about bringing the SEGA love.

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SEGA set to record operating loss in excess of 7.1 billion Yen


SEGA is set to record an operating loss in excess of 7.1 billion yen ($86.5 million USD) in the year finishing March 2012. This loss will hit the company hard, and as a result not only will SEGA be pruning their workforce, they are also going to be cancelling work on certain games currently under development with the company. According to the company, the loss is a result of the “severe economic environment in the US and Europe and rapid change in market environment of home video game software.”

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Binary Domain Consequence System Walkthrough trailer


SEGA have released a new trailer for their upcoming tactical squad-shooter Binary Domain, showing off the game’s consequence system of artificial intelligence. This system will track and respond to all your actions, be they combat or squad banter, and provides you with feedback on your squad attitude. In this game, it seems your squad won’t simply do what you tell them to do simply because you tell them to do it – rather, the consequence system will determine how your squad responds to your commands based on how well you’ve commanded them in previous combat situations, or how nicely you’ve […]

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