Arkane Studios teases new Dishonored DLC

dishonored-banner-3The sly folks over at Arkane Studios are at it again, teasing their audience with the hint of an imminent announcement.  A single image has been released onto the web, along with the revelation that a journey will soon be ending, and a promise to say more very soon.  Read on for the details, and some expert analysis from yours truly.

The announcement came earlier today on the official Dishonored twitter feed.

Not much to go on, I know.  But it seems that the final piece of Dishonored DLC, entitled Brigmore Witches, is on the way.  First announced alongside the release of The Knife of Dunwall, Brigmore Witches will be the conclusion of Doud’s story line.  We’ll be learning more tomorrow, but in case you can’t wait until then, I might be able to help.  Just as I did with the Knife of Dunwall teaser image, I’ve painstakingly scrutinized the above piece of artwork for clues relating to the Brigmore Witches, and I’ve made some astonishing discoveries.  So if you want to stay spoiler free, leave now.  Otherwise, prepare to have your minds blown.


1: This mysterious figure with the ragged clothes and unkept hair appears to be a female Bosmer, or “wood elf,” from the Elder Scrolls.  Dishonored was published by Bethesda after all, so it isn’t much of a surprise that they would want to merge the worlds of Dunwall and Tamriel together.

2: Her house has flooded, which means she probably built it in a watery area, the most likely of which would be the Black Marsh, home to the reptilian Argonians.  Now, why would a Bosmer build a home in the Black Marsh?  I guess we’ll have to play Brigmore Witches to find out.

3: The Bosmer seems to be under attack from a giant octopus.  Or it could be a baby kraken, I suppose.  She doesn’t seem to be too concerned about it, so could this Bosmer of the Black Marsh be some sort of kraken trainer?  Raising them from birth to do her bidding?

4: The giant fish (kraken) hook hanging from the ceiling further supports her role as a kraken catcher and/or trainer.

5: On the other hand, there is a collection of small energon cubes in the corner of the room.  This all but guarantees the presence of Transformers.  If not Transformers, then some other form of Cybertonian life at the very least.  Transformers might not be an obvious fit with a Dunwall/Tamriel crossover adventure, but remember that the Dwemer were expert robot builders.  Maybe they were even the creators of the Transformers!  Can you imagine?  Could Brigmore Witches be a Transformer Origin story?  We’ll find out tomorrow!

6: Of course, the whole image is tinted green, which can only mean one thing: The Matrix.  I’m cool with that, as long as that Architect dude doesn’t show up.  That guy was a total dick.

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