Double RP and money for Contact Missions over the next week in GTA Online

GTA-online-bannerIf you like nothing better than earning RP and $$ on GTA Online then today is your lucky day, as it has been anounced that from today until February 25, you can earn double RP and cash for Contact Missions, since many people like to make money on this games or outside like in Casino games from sites as sbobet online which are great for this.

It’s easy to earn the rewards starting today – simply head to the jobs section, select a mission from Simeon and start earning double the rewards. Playing GTA online is fun same at online casinos, visit to start playing at online casino, you will surely love it, same as you love playing GTA Online. You can see that there rae numerous sites you can check out for more information

Discounts on specific weapons and ammo also apply until February 25th, and include:

  • Grenades – 25%
  • Sticky Bombs – 25%
  • Rifle Ammo – 50%
  • Body Armor – 50%

Missions from different people each day will amass the double RP and cash, and as long as you follow the following schedule up to February 25th, you’ll be rolling in that sweet, sweet money before you know it:

  • Friday Febrary 19 – Double GTA $$ and RP on all of Simeon’s contact missions alongside Double GTA $$ on Simeon’s Import/Export requests
  • Saturday February 20 – Double GTA $$ and RP on all of Ron’s contact missions alongside 50% off all blazers
  • Sunday February 21 – Double GTA $$ and RP on all of Trevor’s contact missions alongside 50% off jerry cans
  • Monday February 22 – Double GTA $$ and RP on all of Martin’s contact missions alongside 10% off stilt houses
  • Tuesday February 23 – Double GTA $$ and RP on all of Lester’s contact missions alongside 25% off Lester services
  • Wednesday February 24 – Doublt GTA $$ and RP on all of Gerald’s contact missions alongside 50% off micro SMGs and machine pistols
  • Thursday Febrary 25 – Double GTA $$ and RP on all contact missions in GTA Online

Nice little bonus for continuing to play GTA Online, eh? Have fun, all!

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