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New Xbox One update offers lots of new features

A new Xbox One update is available now for all xbox one users, and offers a wealth of new features, including joinable twitch broadcast functionality and re-arranging pins on Xbox Home.

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Double RP and money for Contact Missions over the next week in GTA Online

If you like nothing better than earning RP and $$ on GTA Online then today is your lucky day, as it has been anounced that from today until February 25, you can earn double RP and cash for Contact Missions, since many people like to make money on this games or outside like in Casino games from sites as sbobet online which are great for this.

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Atari Allegedly Demand Action-Shooter TxK Be Removed From PS Vita

Action-shooter TxK, a game inspired by Tempest 2000, is no longer going to be released on PlayStation 4, PC or Android due to alleged legal conflict with Atari.

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Raptr Hacked, Change Your Password!

Raptr, the videogame social-networking website, has been hacked and suggests all users change passwords as soon as possible.

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Avalanche Announces Just Cause 3

  More than four years have past since players first found themselves grappling onto airplanes, cars or just about anything that moves while making their way to giving evil dictators a world of grief in Just Cause 2. Finally, gamers will soon get the chance to explore a whole new world with a new dictators to topple in Just Cause 3.

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